Use AI Today (2023 Guide)

Use AI Today (2023 Guide)
Published in : 02 Nov 2023

Use AI Today (2023 Guide)

Is AI for Everyone or Just Tech Experts?

AI's utility is far-reaching. While once the domain of tech conglomerates, AI is now a staple in daily life, often without us realizing it. Generative AI, in particular, has seen widespread adoption, with ChatGPT leading the charge, reaching a million users faster than Netflix or Instagram. Following its success, Google introduced Bard. Beyond these giants, a plethora of specialized AI tools have emerged, simplifying everyday tasks for the average person, as seen in apps like Snapchat AI, Grammarly, and Spotify AI DJ.


Text and Content Uses for AI in Business and Productivity

  1. Sales Copy for Webpages: Use Jasper,, or Writesonic for generating sales copy.

  2. Summarizing Articles: Try ChatGPT, Bing AI, or Bard for article summaries.

  3. Professional Emails: Utilize Grammarly, Constant Contact, or Hoppy Copy for email composition.

  4. Excel Formulas: Get help with Excel formulas from CodePal or ChatGPT.

  5. Resume Building: Optimize your resume with or ChatGPT.

  6. Narrative Dialogue: Craft dialogue using Sudowrite, ChatGPT, or Jasper.

  7. Conversational AI: Engage with chatbots like Character AI, ChatGPT, or Bard.

  8. Understanding Complex Topics: Learn with ChatGPT or its alternatives.

  9. Job Interview Prep: Prepare with ChatGPT or Bard.

  10. SEO Insights: Improve SEO with Surfer SEO, Rank Math, or GrowthBar.

  11. Writing Style Improvement: Enhance your style with Grammarly, Rytr, or Writesonic.

  12. Rephrasing Work: Rephrase content using Quillbot or

  13. Coding Assistance: Get coding help from Github Copilot or CodePal.

  14. Social Media Management: Manage posts with Ocoya or Adzooma.

  15. Plagiarism Detection: Check originality with

  16. AI as a Second Brain: Use AskYourPDF or Anything LLM as a knowledge base.

Graphic Design, Art, and Video Editing with AI

  1. Custom Art Creation: Generate art with Midjourney.

  2. Professional Product Photos: Enhance images with Magic Studio.

  3. Logo and Brand Assets: Create logos with Looka or

  4. Custom Illustrations: Get illustrations from Illustroke.

  5. Video Creation and Editing: Edit videos with Synthesia, FlexClip, or Descript.

  6. Professional Headshots: Create headshots with Aragon or Try it on.

  7. Photo Editing: Enhance photos with HitPaw, Fotor, or

  8. Image Upscaling: Upscale images with Icon8 Smart Upscaler or Zyro AI Image Upscaler.

  9. Website Building: Build websites with Wix ADI, Framer AI, or Hostinger AI.

Audio Productivity and Production

  1. Audiobook Creation: Convert text to speech with Listnr or Murf.

  2. Meeting Transcription: Transcribe meetings with

  3. Webpage Text to Audio: Convert text to audio with Speechify.

  4. Music Editing: Edit music with, Landr Studio, or Izotope.

  5. Podcast Editing and Publishing: For podcast production, explore various tools available for editing and publishing.

By integrating AI into these areas, one can significantly enhance productivity and creativity. Whether for business or personal use, AI offers a multitude of applications that can transform how we approach everyday tasks.